Ear Coning

Earwax Coning

What is ear coning?

Ear coning is a painless way to remove earwax, fungus, candida, molds, fluids, and other debris from the ear and help relieve sinus congestion.  Many experience a clearing of the Eustachian tubes and nasal passages as well.

Ear coning  is not a cure all, but what is certain that whoever uses them, their hearing has improved.  Studies have shown that they reduce ear infections and have done much good in all cases.

There is documentation that shows that a process similar to today’s version of ear coning was practiced by the ancient Egyptians as well as the Native Americans.  Currently in Germany and in other parts of the world ear coning is part of wellness care.

Ear cones are hallow cones about ten inches long.  They are made from 100% unbleached cotton, 100% beeswax, herbal extracts and/or essential oils.  Others are made with paraffin a by-product of petroleum that may irritate the ear.

We use superior quality ear cones that are hand spun left and right in a natural harmony with the body.

How often should I get my ears coned?

A soothing yet powerful experience, the spiral cone is enhanced by different herbal blends known to help the respiratory system.

Each person is unique and the frequency of ear coning is best determined individually.  It is typical to initially cone ears 2 to 3 times over a period of a few weeks, then perhaps monthly or bi-monthly thereafter.  Excessive use may over dry the ear.  Ears are sensitive; don’t over-cone.

Why should I get my ears coned?

Ear Coning

When earwax becomes hard it can get impacted and could cause a serious problems.  Such as hearing loss, frequent ear or throat infections or frequent itching or even a loss of balance.  Ear coning is beneficial for anyone traveling land or air.  Since changes in elevation/air pressure affect the ears, sinuses and Eustachian tubes.
If you wear a hearing aid, swim or frequent use of telephone you may secrete more wax than others.  Ear coning is a great way to prevent excess wax and fungus, which can lead to serious problems.

What should I expect from Ear coning?

Experience the soothing benefits to gently clear debris from the ears and relive sinus congestion.

Thus, ear coning promotes a young radiant healthy skin because it works to detoxify and balance the body.  Ear coning promotes longevity through the process of detoxification.  It makes sense that when your body is clean and healthy on the inside, it will reflect that on the outside. The small end of the cone is seated in the ear and the large end is lit.  In theory, the gently vacuum draws out debris, depositing it in the cone.  No heat is felt in the ear during each session, which usually lasts between 10-15 minutes per ear. $50.00 session.

It is a relaxing and soothing experience!  


At Detox for Life our goal is for YOU to have the most productive and informative session you can have.

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