DIY Papaya Enzyme Face Mask

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Detox for Life


Blend until smooth:

½ cup organic fresh Papaya

½ cup Papaya seeds

1 Tbsp. Manuka Honey

1 tsp. Tumeric powder



Pour the blended ingredients into a bowl. Apply to damp skin (post shower of face wash is ideal). The enzymes work better if skin is slightly damp. Leave on for 20-25 minutes. Then Rinse. Use once a week (make a new batch for each use!)

Benefits Of The Ingredients:
Papaya- Natural source of enzymes to slough away dead skin.
Honey – A natural humectant to lock in moisture; contains antibacterial properties that are ideal for acne prone skin
Tumeric- Anti-inflammatory agent. Skin brightener.



Detox For Life


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